Write a 5 Paragraph Essay (click the link for more information!)

1. Take a look at the characters in the novel that you've read. Each of the main characters in the novel is introduced to you with certain dreams, plans, and expectations. In the course of the novel, these main characters must come to terms with the difference between their dreams and the reality of the world around them. Write a paper on your novel that examines how the main characters navigate the journey from dreams to reality--What kind of course do they follow, and how are they changed for their journey?

2. Writers can't help but be influenced by the events and people that they see around them. The question is to what extent does that influence become part of the works that they write and how do they communicate their feelings and beliefs about the world around them. For your essay, think about how the characters, setting, and themes in your novel relate to the period in which it was written. How is the novel an analysis of the period? How is it a reflection, and how is it a criticism? And how does the writer make opinions about that world clear to the reader?

3. Compare the Montag we meet at the beginning of the novel to the Montag we leave at the end. Be sure to explain which characters and events influenced Montag to change.

4. Montag reads Mildred a definition of friendship. Which characters in the novel qualify as Montag’s friends? Does Beatty? Support your opinion with details from the novel.

5. The symbols in Fahrenheit 451 add another dimension to the novel. Explain three or four of the following symbols: fire, water, war, phoenix, salamander.

6. Explain the three elements Faber said are missing from a world without books. Then discuss whether Montag was able to recover any or all of these elements. Be sure to cite examples from the book.

DESIGN YOUR OWN TOPIC (See Mr. Skewis for approval!)