Mythology Project Requirements
You need to turn in:
  • Library Worksheet (10 points)
  • Notes you took (20 points)
  • 3 Genre pieces (25 points each = 75 total)
  • 1 Repetend (25 points)
  • Word Cited (Bibliography) (10 points)

Additional points will be given for presentation of project to class. (10 points)

Total points for project: 150 points

Multigenre Grading Rubric
Download Rubric:
Each piece of genre:
  • needs to be appropriate for the information shared in the piece
  • include facts from the story and/or show understanding of the topic
  • be creative and of good quality; including accuracy of facts, neatness, artistry, etc.

The repetend needs to link all four pieces together and should show use of creativity and effort.

Ideas for genre pieces

Help with repetend|REPETEND

Works Cited
Bedford Bibliographer
Landmark Citation Machine